Landhotel Neugebauer - ReDesign 2007
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It is well known that food is the way to a guest’s heart

… so the head chef Stefanie Neugebauer constantly indulges her clients with tasty local morsels and chicken based specialities. Everything is cooked using fresh ingredients from local farms. We serve the following seasonal foods:

Obviously you can taste our house speciality (Backhendl, that is, Viennese breaded roast chicken) throughout the year!

For those who like it small or natural

Since we are particularly careful about the high quality of food we prepare, we serve syrups of honey and sambuca delivered direct from local farms We also present interesting choices for vegetarians. And if you are not very hungry, you can order any dish in smaller portions at lower prices.

Greetings from Bacchus

We are happy to help you choose suitable bottles of wine for your menu

Last but not least

Those who enjoy drinking spirits can choose their favourite from our large selection of fine spirits to delight the palate. While tobacco lovers may take a cigar from our case.