Landhotel Neugebauer - ReDesign 2007
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Three generations - one philosophy

These are Walter and Franziska Neugebauer (proprietors of the hotel) who are a happy couple and always available to guests, Adalbert and Theresia Neugebauer (Walter’s parents) who still ably help in running the family business, and Walter and Franziska’s two daughters Christina and Stefanie whose presence makes your stay even more pleasant.

Walter Neugebauer
“To my way of thinking success cannot be taken for granted. To be able to survive economically in this exposed location and even earn something, it is critical to appeal to a wide variety of clients. In a manner of speaking, from the rubber boots to the silk ties. For me it is fundamental that no one is put off crossing the threshold because of the Gault Millau chef’s hat.”

Franziska Neugebauer
“I waited at table in the first five years. Four weeks after obtaining the Gault Millau chef’s hat (1994), our chef back then left us” she remembers. The former secretary started over with a completely new kitchen crew and managed to keep the chef’s hat and was awarded other honours too. The manageress of the Landgasthof expresses her recognition like this: “My praises go to our co-workers, first of all my Sous Chef Martin Walcher”. It is she who wanted the kitchen to be oriented towards refined local dishes: “A cold dish like Brettljause needs to be prepared every bit as well as a top quality six course menu!”

The third generation
Stefanie Neugebauer is 25 years old and heads with Franziska the kitchen since beginning of 2015. Christina Neugebauer, 20 years old, attents the Nursery School in Klagenfurt.


Theresia/Adalbert Neugebauer †