Landhotel Neugebauer - ReDesign 2007
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Here is how it all began …

In the mid nineteenth century the Neugebauers moved from Silesia to the region of Carinthia in southern Austria. “My great-great-grandfather Anton Neugebauer applied for and landed a job as an accountant with Count Christallnig at Eberstein.” recounts the hotelier Walter Neugebauer. His marriage to Aloisia Jandl, daughter of a coachmaker produced two sons, Adolf and Anton, who both moved to Lölling: Anton as a shopkeeper, and Adolf as workshop manager for the mining and metalworking company. 

Following the closure of the Lölling iron foundries in 1899, they put all their possessions up for sale. Adolf (I) took advantage of the situation: he bought the smithy on 31 January 1900 and started working for himself as a blacksmith, locksmith, and coachmaker. At the same time he opened a restaurant next to the smithy.

During the 1930s Adolf (II) took the running of the business over that would have been inherited by Adolf (III) but for the Second World War which ruined the plans: Adolf (III) was killed in the war and so the smithy was closed in 1945. 

The second born Adalbert (a skilled shopkeeper and father of the current hotelier) married his wife Theresia in 1956 and bought the enterprise two years later. In the mid Sixties he had the brilliant idea of starting the small restaurant, which served spit roasted chicken. There has been continuous expansion and restructuring since the 1970s. The Neugebauers then bought nearby land from the Kautschitz in 1976 where they built today’s hotel.

Walter Neugebauer took the business over in 1982 and had his own electrical power supply unit built the following year. He married Franziska Ferk from Graz in 1988. The next succession was assured by the birth of daughters Stefanie (* 1990) and Christina (* 1995). 

Text: Christian Lehner – the weekly Kärntner Woche (excerpt) 

Family photograph: The grandparents with their children. The baby held in the arms is Adalbert Neugebauer.